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What Is Kani Shawl, Best Kani Shawls, Kani Heritage Shawl


What Is Kani Shawl

      picture 1 : First the design is drawn on a graph paper .

      picture 2 : Then the design is filled with desired colors.

      picture 3 ; The  design is written by color code technique ( Every color is having particular symbol ).

     picture 4 :  The artisian keep the written code in front of him while working on the shawl.

     picture 5 : weaving of kani shawl .                                                                                                                              

We are expertly engaged in manufacturing of special type of shawls known as kani shawl. The kani technique of weaving  jamawar shawl is complex procedure. Kani is basically like a wooden shuttle which is used in the technique. Multiple shuttles are used for making  shawls with multiple colors. Usually more than one colors are used for weaving a single line of fabric .The popular colors used for making jamawar shawls are yellow blue crimson green etc.  The attractive  colors of these shawls keep the tradition of wearing these shawls alive These shawls are always the fashion statement of the royals  It takes at least two years to complete a single shawl These shawls are very expensive .WE offer these shawls at affordable prices contact us directly we are